ASEAN Disaster Recovery Reference Guide

05 Jun 2017


Preparedness for Recovery is now a widely accepted concept that helps countries to plan ahead of the disaster so that recovery and reconstruction assistance is predictable and can be implemented without delay when needed.

The ASEAN Disaster Recovery Reference Guide aims to help the ASEAN Member States prepare for recovery; and deliver timely, efficient and effective recovery programmes.

The goal of the Guide is to improve the social and economic outcomes of disaster recovery programmes in the Member States. In particular, it aims to ensure that recovery improves disaster resilience and contributes to sustainable development.

The Guide helps governments to prepare for disaster recovery by explaining the provisions that should be in
place beforehand including those related to legislation, policies, financial arrangements, implementation, monitoring and so on. These arrangements can be adapted to the specific post disaster recovery context, recognizing that disasters differ in scale and impact.

Preparedness for recovery means that stakeholders can collaborate to prepare recovery approaches that can be applied effectively when a disaster occurs. Preparation also provides an opportunity to incorporate replicable good practices from the other ASEAN Member States.

Together, preparation, execution, and monitoring have great potential to produce more efficient recovery operations and more resilient recovery outcomes.

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