Myanmar Financial Inclusion Roadmap

19 Oct 2014

The Myanmar Financial Inclusion Roadmap lays out a plausible vision for the enhancement of financial inclusion in Myanmar. It is based on the diagnostic results contained in the Making Access Possible Myanmar Financial Inclusion Synthesis Note, and the Making Access Possible: Myanmar Country Diagnostic Report, 2014. The supply-side analysis is based on in-country research and interviews with key players while the demand-side analysis draws from quantitative data provided by the Myanmar MAP FinScope Survey 2013 and qualitative research in the form of Focus Group Discussions, Home Visits and Key Informant Interviews.

The MAP diagnostic and programming framework supports expanding access to, or consolidating the provision of, financial services for individuals and micro and small businesses. MAP Myanmar was approved by the President of the Union of Myanmar in January 2013, and the programme has been jointly funded by the UNCDF and LIFT.

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