Alt text for imageThere are 50 threatened plant species in Myanmar. UNDP is working with the Government to promote sustainable land management both at the policy and community level. Photo: Tom Cheatham/UNDP

UNDP’s support to protecting the environment, promoting the use of renewable energy, and putting in place in equitable and gender responsive policies and strategies to adapt to climate change and enhance disaster risk management in Myanmar are grouped under Pillar 2 of the 2013-2015 Country Programme.

A comprehensive disaster management policy and institutional structure is an urgent need for strengthening technical and functional capacity for disaster management in Myanmar. UNDP is supporting the government to develop disaster management regulations. A National Disaster Loss and Damage Database is being developed ensuring government ownership and leveraging inter -departmental coordination as well as a capacity assessment of disaster risk reduction institutions.

UNDP is working with local communities and institutions for improved environmental conservation and use of natural resources in the Inle Lake watershed area. One thousand two hundred and eighty nine community members, including 25% women, were trained in organic farming and integrated pest management; participatory forest management, livestock and fishery resource management and production as well as soil and water conservation. Support is also being provided to develop UNREDD+ Roadmap as well as a pilot project for REDD+ readiness is underway.

Providing an alternate energy source will contribute to mitigating the impacts of climate change and protect the environment.  Before renewable energy can be provided in a systematic manner to the rural population in Myanmar, policy and institutional set up for rural renewable energy is a necessary. UNDP is working with relevant government departments, service providers and partner agencies to develop strategies for long-term engagement in the provision of renewable energy to rural areas in Myanmar.


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