Environment, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction

Myanmar has an abundance of natural resources including minerals and energy potential, and fertile ecological zones which have traditionally provided extensive agricultural production. These resources have supported a large population and thriving civilizations over many centuries, and continue to provide the bulk of Myanmar’s economic output to this day. In recent years population growth, unsustainable extraction of mineral and forest resources, over-utilization of soils and water and climate-related hazards have combined to progressively undermine the resource base on which Myanmar’s economy and society are based.

Our Goals

Disaster risk management, natural resource management and rural access to sustainable alternative energy are critical determinants of sustainable development. Rural energy and environmental conservation are among the eight priorities of the government rural development policy. UNDP aims to help Myanmar build capacities and implement policies for disaster risk reduction and environmental governance.more

Protecting Myanmar's waterways

Inle Lake provides a livelihood for many people living around it. UNDP has started a project working with community members to protect the Lake. Photo: Nyi Nyi Aung/UNDP more

Our Stories

U Pay Ta Ru (L) and Monge Kho (R) with a map of the area where their village plans to establish a community forest Photo: Shobhna Decloitre/UNDP
Naga Youth Join Forces to Protect Forests

U Pay Ta Ru has become the voice for conserving forests. In his ethnic Naga village, this is no small feat. Perched high on the banksmore 

Clean water from a tap set up near her house reduces the hours Daw Kim Ma Di must work to fetch water from a river
Making easy access to safe water

Whenever someone hears cuckoo cooing they think of summer right away as it is a common bird song in this season in Myanmar. However, Daw Kimmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Disaster Risk Reduction Project

    UNDP’s support to protecting the environment, promoting the use of renewable energy, and putting in place in equitable and gender responsive policies and strategies to adapt to climate change and enhance disaster risk management in Myanmar are grouped under Pillar 2 of the 2013-2015 Country Programme.more 

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