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  • Communities Power the Future

    For the 47 families of Thicong village, going on two-night expeditions into the forest 12 km away to collect wood was part of a routine. They needed wood to cook, to keep warm and to light their homes. Collecting enough wood to last a family two weeks took time and effort. But this is how life had always been in the village in the hilly eastern Chin state.

  • Heat Tolerant Animals Provide Lifeline for Vulnerable Communities in Dry Zone

    When temperatures soared in the already blazing heat of Myanmar’s Dry Zone, Kyaw Htaing was alarmed for the wellbeing of the piglets he was raising. Without any land to his name, and depending on occasional farm work for making a living, these piglets were the ticket to a better life.

  • Helping Protect Environment with Compost Fertilizer

    Myanmar’s famous Inle Lake is showing signs of environmental degradation caused by the impact of climate change as well as unsustainable agricultural practices. Overuse of chemical fertilizer on farms in the Inle lake watershed is one of the factors that has contributed to this.

  • Making Easy Access to Safe Water

    The sound of cuckoos cooing is synonymous with summer. For many people, summer time memories are happy ones, but not so for Daw Kim Ma Di.

  • Naga Youth Join Forces to Protect Forests

    U Pay Ta Ru has become the voice for conserving forests. In his ethnic Naga village, this is no small feat. Perched high on the banks of the Chindwin River, half an hour boat ride from the Khamti town, the village is home to more than 200 ethnic Naga people.

  • The Rice Elections
    Oct 12, 2017

    Rice trials are being conducted as part of the “Addressing Climate Change Risks on Water Resources and Food Security in the Dry Zone of Myanmar” project.

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