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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, working in 177 countries and territories. In Myanmar, UNDP provides support to the national political and socio-economic reforms that underpin the country’s transition. UNDP’s support is channeled through a programme that seeks to strengthen institutions of democratic and local governance, support the environment and disaster risk management, and support government efforts for poverty reduction over a five-year period (2013-2015, extended to 2017). Read in Myanmar

Our Goals

UNDP has been providing development assistance to the people of Myanmar since the 1960s. Through the 2013-2017 programme developed in partnership with the Myanmar Government, UNDP aims help Myanmar manage a “triple transition”: nation-building, including securing a sustainable peace with ethnic minorities; state-building, or democratizing and modernizing state institutions; and economic liberalization, moving the country from a closed, command economy to an open and transparent market. Read in Myanmar

Empowering women to become community leaders

A woman proudly stands in front of her newly built house, financed through her savings. She is one of the more than 70,000 women who have benefited from being a member of a community based self reliance group. UNDP's Human Development Initiative led to the formation of 5474 self reliance groups . more

Our Stories

The footpath to the school repaired through a cash for work initiative.
Chuncung Village On the Path to Recovery After July Landslides

U Rual Thang is very satisfied with the way his village has recovered from the massive floods and landslides that effected Myanmar five months ago. Umore 

Min Min (R) and Myint Myint Aye (L) are served at the Immigration Counter at the Bago One Stop Shop Photo: Shobhna Decloitre
One Stop Shops Across Myanmar

In Bago’s bustling town, located at the centre of the market, on a floor in the same building which daily welcomes hundreds of shoppers out tomore 

Connecting communities through a new road. Photo: Shobhna Decloitre/UNDP
Kachin Communities are connected through new road

Kachin State - As the monsoon starts in Myanmar, there are at least 220 households in the Northern state of Kachin confident in the knowledge thatmore 

U Pay Ta Ru (L) and Monge Kho (R) with a map of the area where their village plans to establish a community forest Photo: Shobhna Decloitre/UNDP
Naga Youth Join Forces to Protect Forests

For the 47 families of Thicong village, going on two-night expeditions into the forest 12 km away to collect wood was part of a routine. more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Local Governance Project

    They include activities that focus on building up a range of skills of local governments and the civil society so that they can promote sustainable and inclusive local development models that help reduce poverty. more 

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