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  • Affordable Credits
  • Better Goats
  • Faces of HDI 1993-2012
  • Kachin Communities are connected through new road

    Kachin State - As the monsoon starts in Myanmar, there are at least 220 households in the Northern state of Kachin confident in the knowledge that this season will be significantly different for them. The difference is that villagers from Tat Kone and Lawan Kahtaung wards will be able to travel to and from their homes with more ease this monsoon, whereas in the previous years they could not as a result of unpassable roads.

  • Making Easy Access to Safe Water

    The sound of cuckoos cooing is synonymous with summer. For many people, summer time memories are happy ones, but not so for Daw Kim Ma Di.

  • One Stop Shops Across Myanmar: A Step towards Bringing Services Closer to People

    In Bago’s bustling town, located at the centre of the market, on a floor in the same building which daily welcomes hundreds of shoppers out to buy fruits, vegetables, groceries and other household items, is a new government office. It is a one stop shop, which opened its doors on September 9

  • Supporting disaster-affected communities to be resilient
    Apr 1, 2016

    "After the two-week-long monsoon, the road that connects our village and other villages to Hakha City was destroyed by a landslide. It was the worst landslide during my 62-years- lifespan," U Hrang Lian Khuai, from Loklung village in Hakha Towship of Chin State in Myanmar, recounted about the impacts of landslide and flood caused by torrential rains in July, 2015.

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