Chin Journalists Trained to Support Local Democracy

May 28, 2014

Journalists doing a group work during a workshop in Hakha. The workshop covers three broad themes: media ethics, role of media and enhancing knowledge and cooperation amongst Chin State journalists

Hakha - The media plays a vital role in society and helps to link citizens and government. It should be given all the support to do its work. This was the key message from H.E. Nang Za Mung, the Chin State Minister of Finance during the Chin Journalists Network training organized in Hakha and attended by 45 Journalists from across Chin.

“The media acts like a fourth pillar in improving governance and compliments the three other pillars of Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. I encourage government departments and citizens to collaborate with journalists in Chin as presently, many are facing difficulties in their role, particularly in their capacity to become stronger media institutions,” he said.

The Speaker of Chin State Parliament, H.E. Hau Khen Kham also attended the opening of the workshop and said that the State Parliament and the State Government have an important responsibility to share information through the media to ensure that citizens get the most accurate and updated news.

“I encourage media outlets to register and work independently so that they can fulfil their roles as the fourth pillar of governance.”

Coordinator of the event, Mr. Jacob Thing, said that the event was very timely as it would help the journalists to understand their roles better when it comes to governance issues.

“The workshop covered three broad themes; media ethics, role of media, and enhancing knowledge and cooperation amongst Chin State journalists. Some of the outcomes of the workshop and training will be to formalize the Chin Journalists Network, enhancing the role of the media in democratic societies and ensuring that the members of Chin State Parliament are effectively providing oversight on the development of the state.”

One of the journalists attending the training, Ko Naing Win Tun, from The Voice Media in Kalay, said that although Chin Journalists Network was formed three years ago, one of their key priorities is to strengthen networking.

“Chin journals are mostly published in own language and organized by faith based organizations and civil society organizations, however, their common purpose is to better inform the public.”

He said that through the workshop the Chin Journalists network would be further strengthened.

Speaking on behalf of UNDP, Ma Naw Nau Htoo said that UNDP was looking forward to further support networking and capacity development of media and the civil society in Chin State and across Myanmar as the country continues its reforms towards a more democratic form of government.

The workshop concluded yesterday.

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