Roundtable Discussion on "Women & Leadership" to mark Myanmar Women's Day; July 3

Jul 3, 2015

"Women & Leadership" - Roundtable meet up in Mandalay. Photo: Soe Pyae Sone Maung/UNDP

[Mandalay – July 3]  Over 50 people today attended a roundtable discussion on the women’s role in leadership to mark Myanmar Women’s day celebration.

Organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as part of its series of Mandalay Roundtable, the event generated rich discussions about Myanmar women’s roles and experiences in leadership.

 “Women still have far to go towards equal representation in positions of power and leadership, whether in corporate boardrooms or presidential cabinets but their participation is fundamental to democratic governance,” said Daw Sanda Thant, UNDP Myanmar’s gender specialist.

“The discussion triggered debates  and it was encouraging to hear many issues being raised by the women of Myanmar for equality, a better gender balance and better representation of women,” said Ms. Koh  Miyaoi,UNDP Gender Team Leader for Asia and the Pacific.

Daw Han Zar Chi, ME Regional Network Coordinator, Mandalay Loka Ahlinn Social Development Network CSO, also shared her experience.

 “As a young Myanmar woman I appreciate this space being created to discuss issues about women’s role in leadership. I would like a Myanmar where men and women have equal chances to raise to positions of leadership,”  

The roundtable discussion was attended by government officials, representatives from local NGOs, civil society organizations, media and development professionals. The participants exchange ideas to promote women’s role in decision making.

They are organized monthly by UNDP serving in its role as a knowledge broker. The roundtable discussion series aim to bring together government officials, law makers, academia, and representatives from local NGOs, civil society organizations and business sector together to exchange ideas and contribute to inclusive development in Myanmar.

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