Plan Sets Direction to Strengthen Rule of Law in Myanmar

Jan 21, 2016

The Union Attorney General Office (UAGO) launched its first strategic plan yesterday, which sets the direction to better meet the office’s current and future roles and contributes towards strengthening rule of law in Myanmar.

The UAGO provides legal advice to the government on legislation, national and international legal matters and commercial matters, conducts fair trials in criminal and civil cases on behalf of the State and also plays a role in justice sector reform.

The strategic plan was developed over the course of last year with expert technical assistance provided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The plan is based on an analysis of UAGO’s current functioning and future direction and draws upon consultations and input from all 14 states and regions, the legal profession and other ministries.  It focuses on four main areas: 1) to protect the legal rights of individuals and the national interest; 2) to strengthen the performance of the Union Attorney General's Office; 3) to inspire public trust and confidence in the justice system; and 4) to take an active role in justice sector reform.

“There have been many changes to all elements of our legal institutions – the legislature, the judiciary, the Bar and legal education have all seen important changes. Yet, the laws themselves have remained largely unchanged since the colonial period and must be modernized. This Strategic Plan is an important milestone on the path to updating Myanmar’s legal system. It has benefited from a thorough study of the ideas and experiences of various stakeholders in our country and outside,” said Union Attorney General, H.E. Dr Tun Shin.

The plan is part of a 20 year vision for the upgrading of the Attorney General’s office. The vision includes safeguarding the principles of the Rule of Law in Myanmar in accordance with international standards as well as protecting and supporting the rights and responsibilities of individuals so that Myanmar’s development as a democratic nation is based on justice, good governance and integrity.

UNDP Country Director, Toily Kurbanov said,  “UAGO has taken a major step forward in making better laws and cooperation with the courts and legal profession. This can only help Myanmar’s development which depends on access to justice.”

The plan also offers international partners a guide on how to more effectively align their support to national priorities in rule of law. The plan can be accessed from here.

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