Chairperson of the UCSB, H.E Dr Win Thein | Address at the Launch of the Civil Service Reform Strategic Action PlanAction

Jul 10, 2017

Good morning and thank you for joining us on this important occasion.

It is a great privilege for the Union Civil Service Board (UCSB) to record the launch of the Civil Service Reform Strategic Action Plan with the full support of the President and the State Counsellor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.  We are very grateful for all the guidance and directives H.E. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has provided throughout the development of the Strategic Action Plan and we are very confident that this plan will allow Myanmar to modernize and ‘reinvent’ its civil service.

With the formal launch of the Plan comes a great responsibility to ensure that over the next four years all planned interventions are delivered and all anticipated results are achieved.  The Civil Service needed to be transformed for the betterment of the people of Myanmar and for the modernization of our institutions and our country.  This plan is our plan for modernity, for efficiency and for transparency and inclusiveness.  We designed the action Plan to achieve all these.

Since assuming office, the Government has prioritized the people of Myanmar, calling for a more people-centered approach to development and to service delivery.  Through this plan, the Government today stresses the need for the Civil Service to become more efficient, transparent and accountable and to earn the trust of the people. 
The Vision that was retained for the Civil Service Reform in Myanmar emphasizes the importance of the role of the civil service as a trusted partner of the people.  We will all work together to reach this vision and to establish an “Ethical, merit-based, inclusive and responsive Civil Service promoting public participation and strengthening the trust of the people”.

Many of you in the room today have been part of the development of the plan, and many, I am certain, still recall the first consultations held back in August 2016 which was graciously inaugurated by Vice President U Myint Swe, during which we initiated work on the Strategic Acton Plan and determined the CSR Vision.  It has taken more than four rounds of consultations, in Nay Pyi Taw and in Regions and States, gathering more than 1,200 people and several iterations of the document to reach were we are today.  The consultations at States and Regions also included the participation of Self-Administered Zones and allowed us to explore issues of civil service management throughout Myanmar.

Myanmar has now a clear vision for Civil Service Reform and an actionable plan that will guide us in the coming four years.

The people of Myanmar are eager for change and the Civil Service Reform Strategic Action Plan is a tool that will help us to deliver that change and ensure that the benefits of transformation in Myanmar are received by the people in every corner of the Union.

In light of this, the Union Civil Service Board is expanding its momentum to conduct managerial and administrative training programmes for civil servants. The Union Civil Service Board (UCSB) is collaborating to design Senior and Executive Leadership System for Myanmar through discussion with international experts and responsible persons from ministries and agencies based on the results of draft scheme through two workshops. Moreover, UCSB is working reviewing the Civil Service Regulations and Procedural Review in cooperation with international and local expertise and responsible officials from UCSB. All these initiatives fall under the umbrella of the Civil Service Reform.

It was no accident that the process for the development of the Plan has followed the people-centered principals that we are seeking to implement. The Strategic Action Plan was developed in a fully participatory, consultative and transparent manner.  I would like to highlight the public consultations that the UCSB initiated, to secure wider inputs to the development of the plan and to ensure that the people are also consulted. During April 2017, anticipated results and activities of the Strategic Action Plan (the Logframe) were posted in a very transparent manner on the UCSB website, on Facebook, and traditional media platforms were used to increase awareness on the process and to instigate more feedback from a wider range of stakeholders.  This demonstrated once again the commitment of the Government to engage the public in policy development. 

It is important for a modern Civil Service to understand what people really want and need from public services and to assess how they can do a better job in delivering services.  We will ensure that we listen to the people and use their opinions and views of the civil service as a barometer of Civil Service performance and level of confidence and trust the people of Myanmar has in its administration and in the Service.

I am very proud to reconfirm our commitment to perform a large-scale survey to assess the perception of the people and their level of trust in their administration.  The results of this survey will provide a deeper understanding of the requirements for change and improvement and a baseline for progress.  The survey will be an opportunity for the people to provide feedback on sensitive issues related to integrity, non-discrimination and fairness in our system.  The results will allow us to measure the level of trust in our administration, and to make necessary adjustments to the plan in order to address trust deficits when identified.  We are very keen on this survey and preparations have already been initiated with our implementing partner, UNDP, for its design.  The Government has also formed a Steering Committee from various government Ministries and with representation from the Myanmar Civil Society.

A lot of work has gone into getting the Strategic Action Plan in place and ready to be launched today. I would like to thank all the Civil Servants, elected officials and Civil Society representatives who so actively participated in the four rounds of consultation and of course the members of the public who provided us feedback.  My appreciation also goes to the team at the Union Civil Service Board and our partners at the United Nations Development Programme for their efforts and technical inputs.

In closing, I wish to take a moment and reflect on our Civil Servants in Myanmar.  We know that our Civil Servants are passionate about making a difference. The Perception Survey on Ethics, Meritocracy and Equal Opportunities published in 2016 found that most of the respondents wanted to make a personal contribution to improving the public service.  It is on these values and this commitment that we need to count on, in the implementation of the Plan.

The Civil Servants of Myanmar are the representatives of this Government who are facing the public on a day to day basis. It will be your actions, your choices and your passion for making a difference that will renew trust, improve lives and enable people in every Region, State, city, Town and village to participate in, and benefit from, the rebuilding and strengthening of our Civil Service.

Thank you.

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