As part of its support to the government towards COVID-19 response and recovery, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is now assisting the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) in developing a Myanmar Statistical Data Dashboard (MMSDD), a user-friendly application where key indicators essential to formulate policy and decision making will be stored and updated regularly.
UNDP is supporting the State Government in an eight-week long awareness raising campaign , beginning in the last week of June. The awareness raising campaign is being conducted across eight townships – Taunggyi, Kalaw, Loilen, Hsihseng , Keng Teng, Tachileik, Kyaukme and Muse.
The report, Temporary Basic Income: Protecting Poor and Vulnerable People in Developing Countries estimates that it would cost from $199 billion per month to provide a time-bound, guaranteed basic income to the 2.7 billion people living below or just above the poverty line in 132 developing countries.
In collaboration with the Mon State Government, United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has been implementing a five-day awareness raising campaign starting from 8th June, providing face masks and immediate hygienic supplies.
With influx of returning migrant workers, Mon State, being close to the Thai border, remains at high risk of COVID-19 infection and outbreak. While many of these returning workers are from the state, it also serves as the transit point for returning migrant workers from other states and regions. UNDP and partner organizations assist the regional authorities in mitigating the risk of virus infection while enforcing preventive measures among citizens.
UNDP continues to support Myanmar in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the provision of 100 loudspeaker sets to the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement to assist in strengthening its COVID-19 public awareness campaigns.

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