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UNDP has been in Myanmar since the 1950s supporting the country with sustainable human development projects.

The UN System has provided assistance to Myanmar since its independence in 1948.

Today, the UN family in Myanmar consists of 17 resident UN entities that all provide support to the country within their specific mandates.

Since 2017, the UN Development System is going througha repositioning process led by the UN Secretary General. The aim of this process is to make the organization fit for purpose to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, by making the UN more efficient, coordinated and accountable.

At the global level, UNDP is central to the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG), a network that spans 165 countries and unites the 40 UN funds, programmes, specialized agencies and other bodies working to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General and with UNDP Administrator as Vice-Chair, the UNSDG provides strategic direction and oversight to ensure UNDS entities deliver coherent, effective and efficient support to countries in their pursuit of sustainable development.  

At the country level, UNDP participates actively in the UN Country Team for Myanmar, led by the Resident Coordinator. UNDP also engages in several joint programmes in Myanamar with other UN Agencies, to sum up efforts that allow to tackle multidimensional development challenges simultaneously.

UNDP’s integrator mandate serves both as a foundation for a strong UN development system, and as a key provider of integrated services and platforms in support of a coherent UN system approach to the achievement of the SDGs.

UNDP has a critical advisory role in driving the sustainable development agenda, based on Member States’ priorities and country context and plays an important role in fostering coordination within the UN system at country level, including by providing key system-wide services and country support platforms to support the implementation of the SDGs. UNDP participates in 66 “Delivering as One” initiatives which, together with the Standard Operating Procedures, enable UN Country Teams to operate more coherently, effectively and efficiently, minimizing transaction costs, reducing duplication and scaling up common approaches and joint initiatives.

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