Governance and
sustainable peace

Our Goal

To support the Government of Myanmar in strengthening public institutions, civil service reform, sustaining peace and social cohesion, accountability and rule of law.


Myanmar is at a historic stage in its development and its multiple transitions from conflict to peace, from military and autocratic rule to a democratic government and for a largely closed economy to an open market. Achieving lasting peace and the emergence of a union based on the principles of democracy and federalism will require an ongoing process of political dialogue and reform.

Similarly, the peace process faces challenges in ensuring an inclusive and flexible approach that is acceptable to all parties involved in the national dialogue, and the Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Committee is building its structures and capacities to monitor adherence to the 2015 Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement.

UNDP supports a broad range of stakeholders to contribute to and support the peace process including civil society, youth and women.

UNDP covers four broad areas of work to advance governance and sustainable peace:

  • Strengthening effectiveness of state executive and legislative institutions
  • Strengthening accountability and rule of law
  • Support the civil service reform process
  • Sustaining peace

UNDP works with all communities affected by the conflict to achieve conflict-sensitivity, in coordination with other humanitarian and development actors. UNDP plays an important role in bridging early actions with long term development options, hence offering an end-to-end approach from emergency employment into longer term resilient recovery, which is the approach undertaken in the Rakhine area-based project.

Programmes and Initiatives

Rakhine area-based programming
Support to Effective and Responsive Institutions (SERIP)
Strengthening Accountability and Rule of Law (SARL)
Township Democratic Local Governance (TDLG)
Leadership, Effectiveness, Adaptability and Professionalism in Myanmar’s Civil Service (LEAP)
Sustaining Peace and Community Cohesion
Support to the Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Committee
Corporation Partners' Group (CPG) Secretariat



from construction and renovation of schools, rural health centers and improved roads through local participatory planning.

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