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Perception Survey on Ethics, Equal Opportunities, and Meritocracy in the Myanmar Civil Service

Perception Survey on Ethics,Equal Opportunities and Meritocracy in the Myanmar Civil Service

Dec 16, 2016

Myanmar is in the midst of a democratic transition in which the civil service plays a profound role. The civil service will be the driving force behind the transformation in public service institutions which will enable the Government of Myanmar to meet the needs of a complex transformation. As the face of government in local communities, with responsibilities for delivering public services effectively and in a non-discriminatory manner, civil service personnel are key to furthering Myanmar’s democratic transition and strengthening the trust in the state.

To ensure that civil service personnel are in a better position to meet these demands, the Union Civil Service Board (UCSB) is exploring how to better promote a meritocratic and inclusive civil service which upholds high ethical standards. To this end, the UCSB commissioned a study to better understand the perceptions and experiences of civil service personnel about professional ethics, equal opportunities and meritocracy.

The study measures perceptions of policies and procedures which are intended to instill meritocratic practices, accountability and motivation among staff. The study followed a mixed methodology that combined a self-administered survey questionnaire and 12 focus group discussions; both were applied at the Central Institutes of Civil Service (CICS) in Lower and Upper Myanmar.  

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