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Myanmar action Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction

The Myanmar Action Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction 2017

Nov 29, 2017

The Myanmar Action Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction, 2017 is a comprehensive and unified action plan for disaster risk reduction with prioritized interventions across Myanmar till 2020. With a long term vision and considering deep-rooted underlying drivers of disaster risk, it has set an overall target for 2030. it aims to provide a base for mobilizing and leveraging, primarily, national and external resources and will provide a basis for result printed outcomes. 

The action plan identifies 32 priority actions under four pillars: risk information and awareness; risk governance; risk mitigation; and preparedness and response, rehabilitation and reconstruction. For each priority action, objectives, activities, outputs, duration, lead agencies, and supporting partners have been identified. The priority actions aim to strengthen the policy frameworks and systems for long-term risk reduction. Robust implementation, funding,  as well as monitoring and evaluation mechanisms have been identified for the MAP DRR 2017.
The Government of the Union of Myanmar developed the Myanmar Action Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction, 2017 through an inter-agency task force mechanism in a wider consultative mode over 2016-2017. The process involved a series of thematic discussions at the national and consultations at the sub-national level.   

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