UNDP Myanmar - 2017 Annual Report and 2013-2017 Result Report

UNDP Myanmar - 2017 Annual Report, 2013-2017 Result Report

Sep 21, 2018

2017 was a significant year for UNDP Myanmar, as this marked the final year of the country’s first ‘regular’ country programme from 2013-2017 which was designed during the early years of Myanmar’s democratic transition and was intended to support Myanmar’s triple transition – from war to peace, from military rule to democracy, and from a closed to an open, market economy.

The country programme had 3 main areas of work or outcomes:

  1. Local Governance
  2. Environmental Governance and Disaster Resilience
  3. Democratic Governance

The UNDP Myanmar Annual Report 2017 and 2013-2017 Results Report provide details of the impact and results of UNDP’s work in these three outcome areas, as well as on funding and partners.

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