The State of Local Governance: Trends in Chin

01 Oct 2014


This report presents the findings from the Local Governance Mapping conducted in Chin State between December 2013 and January 2014.

Three townships in the north (Thantlang, Falam and Tonzang) and three townships in the south (Mindat, Matupi and Paletwa) were  part of the Local Governance Mapping exercise in Chin State.

576 respondents from 12 villages across these six townships were asked about their perceptions and experiences related to local governance using a Citizens’ Report Card (CRC). Half (49%) of citizens interviewed were between 18-40 years of age. The majority of respondents (67%) lived in rural areas. The vast majority (91%) of those interviewed were of Chin ethnicity, while 8% of respondents originated from Rakhine.





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