Mid Term Evaluation of the Project – Addressing Climate Change Risks on Water Resources and Food Security in the Dry Zone of Myanmar

29 Jan 2018

About the Report

The Mid Term Evaluation is an independent review, prepared in accordance with Adaptation Fund and UNDP guidelines, of the progress made in achieving expected project outcomes; the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness of project implementation; the issues requiring decisions and actions; and the lessons learned about project design, implementation and management. The evaluation provides recommendations to guide the second half of project implementation.

The MTE is a balanced, evidence-based review of project activities, outputs and performance to date, drawing upon review of available reports and compiling quantitative and qualitative information through interviews, group discussions and site visits. The evaluation process principally focuses on the project’s Logical Framework and Results Framework as a yardstick in assessing progress related to the approved project Indicators.

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