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Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey in Myanmar (2009-2010) - Poverty Profile

Poverty Profile IHLCA II

May 23, 2013

The Poverty Profile presents select results from the Integrated Households Living Condition Assessment-II survey with emphasis on consumption poverty and its correlates. It is not limited to consumption poverty however, as other dimensions of living conditions, including health, education, water/sanitation, etc. are reviewed. Its core objective is to provide information on levels and trends in key indicators of well-being, and their correlates, with a view to inform public policy decisions. In terms of format, the Poverty Profile reviews the following issues in turn: Poverty and Inequality (Section 2); Demographic Characteristics of Households (Section 3); Economic Activities of Households (Section 4); the Labour Market (Section 5); Housing, Water and Sanitation (Section 6); Health and Nutrition (Section 7), Education (Section 8) and Conclusion (Section 9).

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