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With the support of the Joint Coordination Committee on Hluttaw Development (JCC) and the three Hluttaws at Union Level, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) have completed the ‘Survey of Myanmar Members of Parliament: Reflections from the Second Hluttaw’.  The report provides evidence-based insights on the roles, functions and practices of Union-level MPs to help support the strategic direction and institutional development agendas of the Hluttaws. It is based on interviews and focus groups with 63 MPs, and a questionnaire responded to by 394 MPs. The report complements a Survey of Members of the First Hluttaw conducted by UNDP/IPU in 2015, tracking progress from the first Hluttaw to the second.

The report identifies that the second Hluttaw is building on the achievements of the first and that the operation of the institution, as well as parliamentary processes and practices, have evolved and developed. There is also some evidence that MPs are encountering obstacles and constraints to the development of democratic practices. The findings can provide directions for the Hluttaw administration to enhance the institution’s capacity, as well as its services, support and professional development opportunities.

The report is simultaneously launched online and on the Union Hluttaw intranet. UNDP/IPU have supported the development of ICT systems to strengthen provision of information to MPs and across Hluttaw Office departments, and that will strengthen engagement between citizens and the Hluttaws. The Hluttaw Intranet, launched in May 2019, using the SharePoint system is the first e-parliament service to be rolled out to MPs.  The report has been shared with all MPs to help implant effective practice by elected representatives in a new democracy.

The research has been generously funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

“All parliaments need to reflect on their performance and continually improve. This survey provides a unique insight into the work of MPs and is a rich source of material that will support the development of the Hluttaw. It was a privilege to lead the hard working survey team and to hear the experiences of many dedicated MPs working for the development of Myanmar and its people”.

Ms. Meg Munn, Members Survey team leader;
Former Minister and Member of Parliament, House of Commons, United Kingdom.


The Hluttaw and its MPs are to be richly commended for reflecting on their performance and on how they do their work. This report records the immense dedication and commitment of MPs, and I hope it provides direction and support as Myanmar navigates its future’.

Dr. Mary C. Murphy, Lead Author

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