Launch of May Doe Kabar - National Network of Rural Women

On the International Day of Rural Women, October 15, May Doe Kabar (National Network of Rural Women) was  launched in Yangon.

May Doe Kabar is a national network of village based women’s Self-Reliant groups and their federations of township leading groups. May Doe Gabar spans more than 22,000 members and 2000 villages in 31 townships in the Delta, Dry Zone, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Mon, Rakhine and Shan States.

Self-Reliant Groups are village level women's groups with 10-15 members who contribute individual savings to build a common fund. The common fund is used for members' needs ( eg schooling, medications), livelihoods activities and small buisness start-up. Over time the groups also contribute to community development through small infrastructure projects.

Township Leading Groups are a township level support structure providing training and organisational management support to Self-Reliant Groups. Township Leading Groups also act as local women's CSOs undertaking activities such as improving education and health care services, raising community awareness on gender based violence, anti-tracfficking and other concerns, and representing village women's interests with local authotiries, private sector actors and other development partners.        

The objectives of May Doe Kabar are:

  • To promote and sustain Self-Reliant Groups for women's empowerment across Myanmar;
  • To build a Network that can voice and respond to the cirrent needs and long-term aspirations of rural women;
  • To promote the role and leadership skills of rural women in public sectors and to promote their voices in law-making and peace-building processes;
  • Through receiving recognition as an extensive CSO network at the township, regional and national level, to contribute more effectively to local developmentwith a commitment to gender equality;
  • To build linkages with national and international organisations to mobilise resources necessary for the sustainable development of the network.

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