Myanmar Parliamentary Induction

Following the Myanmar national election held on 8 November 2015, newly elected MPs took their seats in the Myanmar Parliament in Nay Pyi Taw on Monday 1 February 2015.

This marked the first time in Myanmar’s recent history that there has been a transfer of power from one elected parliament to another. Neither the Parliamentary leadership nor the administration have had practical experience of such a transition previously.

There has been a high turnover of MPs since the last parliament. Not only will new MPs be less familiar with their new roles and responsibilities, they will have less access to institutional knowledge from long-serving Members.

UNDP has supported the Myanmar Parliament to prepare an induction programme to provide insight, experience and guidance into how MPs can effectively undertake their lawmaking, oversight and representation duties and on equal opportunity for women as MPs.

This will directly contribute towards achievement of the Parliament’s Strategic Plan (2014-2018).

The key objectives of the induction are:

Help MPs understand their duties and functions:  sharing a national and international perspective on lawmaking, representation and oversight

Help Women MPs be more effective: understanding the challenges and opportunities and make recommendations.

Show MPs where to turn for assistance: enable them to access sources of knowledge and support

The induction programme will take place from 15th-19th February in the Parliament complex in Nay Pyi Taw, facilitated by experienced MPs and parliamentary staff.

National and international resource people and MPs from Myanmar and around the world will give keynote addresses, participate in panel discussions, and facilitate interactive sessions with the new MPs about key topics. UNDP and the Inter-Parliamentary Union will also act as a resource.

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