Dr Win Thein, UCSB Chairperson | Professional Development Programme on Improving the Machinery of Government and Policy Making for Better Service Delivery

Feb 21, 2018

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the launch of this series of Professional Development Programme (PDP) on Improving Machinery of Government and policy making for better service delivery.  This training is part of the Government of Myanmar’s commitment to strengthening the capacities of its institutions and of the civil service personnel at all levels to improve management practice in Myanmar and to enhance performance and delivery of services.   

We all are civil servants, we all are part of this so-called Machinery and we, at senior and executive levels, are entrusted with the responsibility to make the administrative machinery function to the best of its capacity.  

You would all agree with me that our Administration today has improved and is becoming more transparent and accountable.  It remains however highly bureaucratic and could benefit from more clarity in terms of business processes and simplification of procedures.  It is our joint responsibility today to make the State function better, for the benefit of our people and the future generations of Myanmar.   

The Government of Myanmar is putting stronger emphasis on the stabilization of our country and its development.  This can only be done through a clear and solid policy base that sustains peace, development and prosperity for all our people.  

Effectiveness of our institutions, and responsiveness to the people’s needs and aspirations are key elements for the success of our democratic transition.  Without a well-functioning state, the country will not be able to achieve all its potential and to sustain the gains that we were already able to record on the peace process.  The way is still long ahead, but we should all feel responsible and contribute to improving our performance.  

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Senior and Executive administrative leaders – all of you here present in this room – you all play a critical role in supporting the government in translating the will of the people into policy directions, and these policies into legislation and/or effective projects and actions that reach all segments of our population.  We have key challenges to fight poverty and underdevelopment in our country, and it is through clear policy directives, legislations and development programmes that we will be able to achieve this.

The Government of Myanmar has set development targets, through our national development policy, and through the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP), which will be launched soon.  For us to reach Sustainable Development and the SDGs that we committed to achieve, we will all need to work together in a more coordinated and systematic manner.  

Today’s gathering is an opportunity for us all to dive deep into analyzing what is working in our governance system and what can be improved.  Policy making is an important element of the art of governing, we wish to see the administrative leadership – yourselves – take part in this process more proactively and effectively.  We wish also to see our systems improve to ensure that the overall machinery of government is functioning as per the best democratic governance principles and guidance.  We wish to see decision flows and the functioning of the state become more effective and reach results.  We wish to see our institutions come closer to the people when they devise public policies and when the programmes are being implemented and monitored.

This Professional Development Programme is conducted with the prospect of engaging all of you, representing the three branches of government in enhancing the machinery of government in Myanmar.  I do hope that this training will allow you to identify current policy making processes and practices and develop objectives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative processes, which would ultimately aim at improving performance of the overall public sector.  

I invite you to interact proactively with the prominent experts who are supporting this PDP and to work with them not only through learning from the regional and international best practices they will present, but also to attempt to find solutions to some of our systemic limitations that are not allowing our administration to move forward.  We need to be bold in this critical transition of our country and it is through initiatives like this one that we will be able to truly make a positive difference to the way we discharge our duties and responsibilities vis-à-vis the general public.

I wish you all in closing a very successful programme and hope that this will be an entry point for more work you would lead in your various departments on improving Machinery of Government and policy making.  

Thank you!


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