Human Development Initiative

Project Summary

mmThe Human Development Initiative had a strong impact on gender by addressing women’s inequality and reducing their vulnerability through the self-reliance groups.

The Human Development Initiative was implemented across Myanmar at a time when UNDP was operating under a restricted mandate in the country. The programme implemented interventions having grass-roots level impact in a sustainable manner.

It directly addressed basic needs of poor communities by supporting sustainable livelihoods, improving access to social services, small village infrastructure, water and sanitation and HIV/AIDS prevention. It established robust mechanisms which supported rural development and improved livelihoods of poor and vulnerable households.

The Human Development Initiative was originally designed as a set of ten projects, with its final phase (IV), comprising five projects and also incorporating Early Recovery Components in response to 2008’s Cyclone Nargis.  The five projects included the Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP), the Community Development in Remote Townships Project (CDRT), HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project, Micro-finance for the Poor Project and the Integrated Household Living Conditions Assessment Project. Read in Myanmar

What the Project Achieved

The Human Development Initiative supported 8,000 villages in over 60 townships nationwide, reaching an estimated 6 per cent of the population.

It contributed to improved food security for 85,000 households and 427,000 people from poor rural and remote communities. Approximately 162,000 people supported by HDI achieved 10% yield increase in paddy and oil seeds, about 97,000 people achieved 25% income increase from livestock raising and over 142,000 people had at least 3 additional food secure months from food banks. An estimated 570,000 people had access to microfinance services.

Through the Integrated Household Living Conditions Assessment (IHLCA) component implemented under HDI, UNDP examined the extent, nature and causes of poverty in Myanmar, and established the baseline to track progress on MDGs, thereby making interventions from policymakers and development partners more effective.

HDI’s two community-based development projects (ICDP and CDRT) have had a strong impact on gender by addressing women’s inequality and reducing their vulnerability through the self-reliance groups (SRGs). Within these, groups of women and men, including very poor and marginalised women, were supported in tackling poverty, gaining access to credit and participating in local community based activities that affect their lives. ICDP and CDRT supported the formation and strengthening of 5,473 SRGs where 98% of their members. Through their involvement in SRGs, women from poor households gained increased financial and livelihood assets, acquired greater decision making roles in both family and village affairs, became more aware of health and social concerns thereby enabling them to advance economically and find solutions to their problems.

HIV–related advocacy and technical assistance guided the government's health strategy, enabled the review of current laws affecting HIV positive persons and supported civil society organizations. Read in Myanmar

Profiles of Townships Supported Through HDI

Township   Township  
Bilin Eng   Myan Bogalay  Eng    Myan
Chaung U Eng   Myan Falam  Eng    Myan
Hakha Eng   Myan Hpa-an  Eng    Myan
Kalaw Eng   Myan Kanma  Eng    Myan
Kanpetlet Eng   Myan Kyaikhto  Eng    Myan
Kyaiklat Eng   Myan Kyaikmaraw  Eng    Myan
Kyaikme Eng   Myan Kyaukpadaung  Eng    Myan
Kyauktaw Eng   Myan Laputta  Eng    Myan
Loikaw Eng   Myan Machanbaw  Eng    Myan
Madupi Eng   Myan Magway  Eng    Myan
Mansi Eng   Myan Mwalamyainggyun  Eng    Myan
Minbya Eng   Myan Mindat  Eng    Myan
Momauk Eng   Myan Mrauk Oo  Eng    Myan
Myitkyina Eng   Myan Naung Cho  Eng    Myan
Ngaputaw Eng   Myan Nyaung Shwe  Eng    Myan
Pakoku Eng   Myan Paletwa  Eng    Myan
Pekhon Eng   Myan Pindaya  Eng    Myan
Pinlaung Eng   Myan Putao  Eng    Myan
Rathetaung Eng   Myan Sinbaungwe  Eng    Myan
Tanai Eng   Myan Tedim  Eng    Myan
Thantlang Eng   Myan Thayet  Eng    Myan
Thibaw Eng   Myan Tonzang  Eng    Myan
Waingmaw Eng   Myan Yaeki  Eng    Myan
Ywangan Eng   Myan    

HDI Phase IV Finances 2002 - 2012

Component Amount (USD)
ICDP 77,283,010
CDRT 63,796,514
HIV/AIDS 5,617,869
IHLCA 5,331,072
Microfinance 25,335,866
Total 177,364,331

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