Strengthening Accountability and Rule of Law (SARL)

Photo: UNDP Myanmar

Status: Active
Duration: June 2018 – December 2022
Budget: USD 27,037,305
Coverage: Myanmar
Beneficiaries: Anti-Corruption Commission, Union Civil Service Board, Union Attorney General’s Office, Office of the Supreme Court of the Union, Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, Union and subnational parliaments
Donors: DFID, Japan, Australia
Focus: Anti-Corruption and Accountability, Parliamentary Oversight and Representation, Rule of Law
Partners: Government of Myanmar, international and national NGOs and CSOs

About the Project

The SARL project supports the Government of Myanmar to enhance public trust in state institutions at a critical time in Myanmar’s transition. Building on the clear initiative of all three branches of the state to promote transparency and accountability, the project helps to strengthen institutional frameworks and capacities for good governance. The project also empowers rights holders and engages them in accountability mechanisms.

SARL supports a strengthened Anti-Corruption Commission to lead a national effort to tackle corruption and to promote transparency and accountability at all government levels.

Project Brief

Union, Region and State Parliaments will be supported to strengthen oversight mechanisms and to increase MPs’ capacity to fully represent the interests of their constituents. SARL works to strengthen the justice and human rights sector with the Union Attorney General’s Office, the Office of the Supreme Court of the Union and the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission to support the application of rule of law and administrative justice principles, and to promote awareness and protection of human rights.

SARL will also engage the public in understanding and accessing accountability mechanisms, and how to seek redress from unfair, arbitrary, incorrect, or discriminatory outcomes and improper use of public powers.


To support the Government of Myanmar to strengthen institutions, systems and capacity that ensure people can access administrative and criminal justice that is fair, transparent and accountable based on human rights and rule of law.

Expected Results

  • Access to public services become more fair, transparent and accountable through enhanced administrative systems and anti-corruption measures.
  • Parliaments are better able to engage with and represent the rights and interests of the public.
  • Justice sector is strengthened to administer justice according to due process, rule of law and human rights.

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