Corporation Partners' Group (CPG) Secretariat

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Status: Active
Duration: 2018-2020
Budget: USD 625,000
Coverage: The CPG is supported by a Secretariat which performs various roles in support to strategic priorities determined by the CPG including by the CPG Facilitators and Alternate Facilitators, selected Cooperation Partners (CPs) who on a rotational basis guide and lead the collective endeavours of the group. The Secretariat is hosted by UNDP.
Focus: Development Effectiveness
Partners: Cooperation Partners

About the Project

The Cooperation Partners Group (CPG) was established in July 2016 as the main coordination mechanism for international cooperation partners (CPs) in Myanmar, with 78 member agencies at present. The CPG also focuses on specific issues and engages strategically with key stakeholders through CPG Work Streams. The CPG is supported by a Secretariat hosted administratively by UNDP.

Work Streams under CPG include:

  • Development Assistance Policy-Development Effectiveness; 
  • CSO and INGO Liaison; 
  • Development Humanitarian Peace Nexus; 
  • Private Sector Development (also known as the Informal DP PSD Forum); 
  • Rakhine State Development; 
  • Urban Development; 
  • Governance (consisting of the following six stand-alone governance groups: Elections Support Group, Good Governance Group, Parliamentary Support Group, Public Administration Reform Group, PFM and Anti-Corruption Group, Rule of Law and Access to Justice Group).


The mandate of the CPG is to enhance effective development cooperation in Myanmar in collaboration with multiple stakeholders. The CPG Terms of Reference (ToR) commit it to “provide a forum for CPs in Myanmar to work together in accordance with international principles on development effectiveness.” Its principal objective is to “be the main forum for information sharing amongst all CPs about development effectiveness and coordination – and for taking decisions on how best CPs can improve how they work together and with the Government of Myanmar (GoM) and others on this.”

Expected Results

  1. Transparent and effective processes for Cooperation Partner’s Group engagement in support of national development priorities and SDGs. 
  2. Strengthen oversight for effective cooperation and partnerships for development solutions. 
  3. Mechanisms in place to generate and share knowledge about effective development cooperation.  

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