Joint Programme Inclusive Development and Empowerment of Women in Rakhine State

Status: Closed
Duration: April 2018 - June 2019
Budget: USD 7,1 million
Coverage: Rakhine State
Beneficiaries: Government institutions, local communities
Donors: Japan
Focus: Inclusive township development, rule of law and access to justice, parliamentary and constituency strengthening, community social cohesion through livelihood opportunities
  • At Union level: Ministry of Planning and Finance, General Administration Department/Ministry of Home Affairs, Union Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Social Welfare;
  • At State and Township level: Hluttaw, Ministry of Development Affairs, Development Affairs Organization, Township Administrations, Ward and Village Tract Administrators, Township Plan Formulation and Implementation Committees;
  • UN Development System: UN Women
  • CSOs

About the Project

Although support to Rakhine State is currently framed in terms of humanitarian response, it needs to be emphasized that the current crisis occurs against a background of chronic poverty, longstanding and structural inequalities. The gendered division of labor and women’s lack of ownership and control over resources render women particularly vulnerable. The challenges facing Rakhine are felt especially by women, who are among the poorest in the country.

The jointly implemented by UNDP and UN Women, supports the Government of Myanmar, the Rakhine State Government and people living, and particularly women and girls, in Rakhine State by:

  • facilitating and institutionalizing democratic processes for local development processes, including local development planning;
  • strengthening individual and institutional knowledge and skills around community social cohesion;
  • addressing the immediate needs of vulnerable communities by improving their livelihoods; and
  • improving women’s leadership and socio-economic capacities.

The project is a 1-year initiative and will be ‘‘catalytic’’ in initiating a substantive engagement in Rakhine State that will be sustained for coming years upon mobilization of additional resources.


The joint programme supports the Rakhine State Government (RSG) in facilitating and institutionalizing democratic processes for local development planning and dialogue, in order to support the State Government in prioritizing public investments based on peoples’ identified needs and priorities and improve public service-delivery to the people, with the overall aim to strengthen livelihoods, restore public trust in the State Government and foster social cohesion between the different (ethnic) communities in Rakhine State.

Expected Results

  • Strengthen local governance institutions to enhance equitable public service-delivery, responsive institutions and better meet the priorities and needs of local communities.
  • Strengthen values, skills, and knowledge of local communities and justice actors to uphold human rights and improve access to justice for women.
  • Improve opportunities for livelihood stabilization and strengthen peace capacities of target communities and institutions.
  • New livelihoods opportunities and empowerment of marginalized populations, specifically women, so they can engage in, contribute to, and benefit from community resilience, and inclusive growth and development of Rakhine State.

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