Strengthening the Inle Lake Management Authority to improve conservation and development

Photo: UNDP Myanmar

Status: Active
Duration: June 2018 – July 2020
Budget: USD 1,419,000
Coverage: Inle Lake and its catchment
Beneficiaries: Residents in the Inle Lake catchment area
Donors: USD 1,200,000 (Norway)
USD 219,000 (UNDP)
Focus: Conservation and Development
Partners: Shan State Government

About the Project

Inle lake is experiencing environmental degradation from the combined effects of unsustainable resource use, increasing population pressures, climate variability and rapid tourism development. The native flora and fauna are endangered by exotic invasive species and the quality of water, which used to be safe for consumption, is now contaminated and has become a source of serious health problems for the local population. Without coordinated and effective management of the watershed, the adverse environmental, social and economic impacts will continue to impact on Inle Lake and its surrounding communities.


UNDP in partnership with Norway, will support the Inle Lake Management Authority (ILMA) efforts to address these adverse environmental, social and economic impacts by providing technical and financial assistance to further enhance the management of the Inle Lake watershed.

Expected Results

  • The ILMA operates effectively and efficiently, and enjoys broad-based support from lake stakeholders.
  • Secure and sustainable sources of financing are used effectively and efficiently to support the development of lake communities and to address environmental challenges.

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