Sustainable and
inclusive growth


Myanmar has committed to a series of policy reforms on environmental governance, climate change and disaster risk reduction. Recent high growth rates and the transition to a more open economy, requires that economic growth in Myanmar is more inclusive, resilient and sustainable. UNDP works across Myanmar to promote inclusive, resilient and sustainable development and environmental management, implementing programmes at the state, region and township levels.

UNDP Myanmar Country Programme (2018-2022) represents a new structure that supports more integrated and collaborative programming and support to better address the interlinkages between peacebuilding and social cohesion, governance, environment and natural resource management, resilience, urbanization and balanced and inclusive growth.

UNDP covers two broad areas of work to advance sustainable inclusive growth:

1. Promoting sustainability and resilience through improved disaster risk reduction, environmental management and climate mitigation and adaptation

UNDP provides technical support to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Conservation (MONREC) and to other state and regional authorities to address economic, social and environmental impacts of development, including building linkages with the private sector to influence sustainable practices, improving access to justice to address grievances, supporting civic engagement in monitoring compliance with environmental standards and promoting innovative financial mechanisms such as payments for ecosystem services as an incentive to local communities for conservation.

UNDP supports climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and actions, consistent with the country’s nationally determined contribution under international climate agreements.

UNDP supports innovative approaches in strengthening government mechanisms to access and manage environment and climate finance (including UN-REDD and Green Climate Fund) through promoting synergies between public and private investments. This is done through scaling up of community-based and ecosystem-based approaches to enhance adaptive capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities’ sustainable energy development, providing timely and quality climate risk information and livelihood diversification support to farmers (especially female heads of household) in the Dry Zone.

Building on the past community disaster risk reduction initiatives, UNDP supports mechanisms linking the Myanmar Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction with the National Disaster Management Committee to maximize the coordination and impact of risk reduction initiatives across different ministries and help prepare national progress reports under the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SDGs 13, 16).

UNDP supports strategic coordination and financing of environment-related initiatives (SDGs 13, 14, 15 and 16) for better value for money by strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Planning and Finance and State and Region authorities to ensure that climate, disaster and environmental risks are considered in planning and budgeting for government projects across different ministries.

UNDP supports initiatives to enhance management of targeted protected areas (e.g., Inle Lake in Shan) and conservation of ecosystems and wildlife (e.g., in Kachin and Tanintharyi) through providing focus on promoting community-based natural resource management and conservation, integrated land use and participatory protected area management. UNDP also promotes innovative conservation efforts that connect terrestrial, coastal and marine resource management, whilst utilizing a conflict sensitive approach in post-conflict areas.

2. Inclusive economic growth and promotion of entrepreneurship amongst women and youth

Together with other UN agencies, UNDP promotes inclusive economic growth through improvement of policy coherence and coordination across government. This includes among others, enhancing capacities of State and Region authorities to promote inclusive entrepreneurship to unlock the economic potential with a focus on women and youth and improve an enabling environment for micro and small businesses. UNDP also supports the implementation of the Government’s Financial Inclusion Roadmap to strengthen the policy and regulatory environment supporting financial service providers, build capacity to deliver financial services and leverage new technologies to facilitate the growth and adoption of innovative digital financial services targeting women and youth.

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